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Faith-based Groups Information

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Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Faithful Parking.

Faithful Parking is dedicated to working with faith-based organizations to connect them with people traveling across the United States in recreational vehicles (RVs).  We do this with three simple goals:

  • Help communities of faith connect with the traveling public by providing overnight accommodations in their parking lots. 

  • Help communities of faith raise much-needed funds to continue and grow their good works. 

  • Create a service that has zero cost to the faith-based organization that's as easy as possible to use.

Why would we want to let people park at our church? 

  • With over 1 million families traveling full-time and another 10 million traveling seasonally, the opportunity to generate significant resources by helping others.

  • Share your message and offer fellowship with the traveling families. 

How does it work?

  • Your organization receives 60% of net payments made by the guest.

  • You control when people arrive, depart and what days they may stay via the Faithful Parking website.

  • No contracts, sign-up fees or cancellation fees. Seriously. 

  • You are covered by both the guest's insurance as well as our $1 million insurance policy.

  • When booked, you will receive information on the guest and their vehicle. You know who's visiting and when.

  • Guest automatically receive a welcome package introducing your organization when booking.

  • Upon completion of the visit, you are paid directly via PayPal within 72 hours.

Additional questions? 

Call us 859-813-5759 or email info@faithfulparking.com